Sunday, September 21, 2014

"a2 ~a due~" on iTunes + "Pirate Mermaid" Preview

Hey all! Sorry for not updating in forever, but I have some exciting news to share. Elagotech has helped us port our short visual novel a2 ~a due~ to iOS!

  Click here to get a2 ~a due~ on iTunes (for both iPhone and iPad)!

I think Elagotech did an awesome job with the iOS version! Here's the main menu on my iPad. You can pick the "Extras" button for lots of goodies, like CGs and sketches, the music box, a replay gallery, and a bonus Chinese/music glossary.

And here's an in-game scene. The top menu button brings up save/load/preferences menus. The three music notes over the right side of the text box are for auto mode, skip mode, and the readback log in that order, so it's easy to skip forward or recheck old text as you like.

Please give the game a try if you can! :)


The other game I have been working a lot on is my fantasy otome game The Pirate Mermaid. Though I've neglected to post about it here, we've had lots of progress updates on our Lemmasoft thread and our Twitter accounts (this is mine, this is my partner Nellie's).

Based on feedback from the original demo, we've redone the sprite/CG art, polished up the GUI, and added several new features (optional animations, choice hints, a detailed stats screen, and more). You can see our shiny new preview video below:

One of my personal goals for "The Pirate Mermaid" is to explore different types of animation using Renpy ATL. This ranges from the moving backgrounds and animated GUI shown in the video, to cartoon character emotes for comic scenes...

 and more complex CG animations...

I'm having a lot of fun so far, and I hope players will too! I've included an option to switch off the larger animations if they are too distracting/laggy as well.

As always, let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions by posting here or on the Lemmasoft forums. :)