Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Chibi Art

Great news - the amazingly talented Nellie of NSEY Games is doing chibis for AXIOM.01! Her art is so cute, I can't wait for everybody to see it in the game. xD Since Christie and Remy are currently topping the character popularity poll, I'll just show their linearts for now.

(By the way, anyone have any suggestions on what the character who wins the popularity poll should ultimately get? I was thinking about doing extra scenes or endings for the winner, but that wouldn't work if that's the MC, haha.)
Nellie's Chibi Remy
Nellie's Chibi Christie
Also, Tsuroika did an awesome Phoenix Wright-style parody pic - haha, I could totally see Christie doing this at some point!

Tsuroika's Christie Phoenix Wright parody

In non-art related news, would anyone like Sylvia (the female best friend) to be a love interest, potentially as a unlockable bonus path? I don't mind adding a GxG path, but it's gonna be extra work, so I wanted to see how much interest there was first.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Massive GUI Update

(Wow, Christie's beating all the boys so far in the character popularity poll? Go girl go! :) I feel bad for poor Sagan in last place...hopefully he can win over some more people in the game, haha. Thanks to everyone who voted so far!)

So! After revamping the main menu for AXIOM.01 last time, I was sad at how mismatched it looked with the rest of the default Ren'py theme. There was only one thing to do: customize the rest of the GUI! I have trouble deciding if everything looks cohesive, so feel free to leave suggestions. I was originally going for a cool and sleek feel, but might have ended up with dark and depressing instead. I don't want people to think AXIOM.01's a horror game haha; though it does get dark in the future arcs, the first part is relatively lighthearted. 

Below are the new save, preferences, and quit confirmation screens. I was able to code them into the game with the help of these lovely tutorials.

I was all ready to celebrate 100% GUI completion after that, until I realized that I hadn't done anything for the "Extras" menu yet. CG gallery, music player, etc...will it never end? ;_; At least I've managed to finish some mockups in Photoshop, which is definitely the hardest part for me - I usually have to mess around with two or three files before I can produce a version I like.

Here is the general "Extras" menu, plus the art and music galleries, so far.

The "Rewards" option is something I've been thinking about doing for a while, but am still considering how to implement. Soooo...it probably won't appear in the demo. Which means that after I finish coding in the two galleries...the GUI for the demo is done!! Finally!! (cries tears of joy) Now to finish those clues and CGs... ;_;

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LSF, polls, and main menus

Finally put together a WIP thread for AXIOM.01 on Lemmasoft! Check it out and leave us a comment if you like! :)

Also, there's now a character popularity poll on the right side of the blog. The winning character gets...extra scenes? Extra endings? Bragging rights? Haha, I don't know. We'll see if there are any votes first.

In other news, I kinda sorta messed up the game's default menu screens while testing some new code. Note to self: try weird stuff out on a test game next time. ^^; On the bright side, destroying the screens finally motivated me to start working seriously on the GUI.

So far, I've been doing some mockups in Photoshop. Below is the main menu screen. My plan is to allow people to click on the character bars to switch the image to different "wallpapers." The further you progress in each character's route, the more of their "wallpapers" you unlock.

The default main menu.

Main menu with a Cody wallpaper.
Not a huge fan of the "bars" in the default main menu, though. Anyone have ideas for better alternatives?

Edit: Got some coding done, so I'm adding a video to show what main menu animations and wallpaper switching might look like, if I do decide to use the bars.


(Hope I don't overdo it on the animations...I think I have an ATL compulsion... ;_;)