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AXIOM.01: A detective can never settle for stories if they seek the truth.
Demons never faze the detectives in your favorite novels - with logic and determination, they can solve any so-called supernatural mysteries. When creepy things start happening on your graduation trip, you’re forced to put down your books and take your own investigative skills to task. Can you uncover the truth behind:

A cursed necklace vanishing on a cruise ship?

Ghostly attackers on a mysterious island?

An impossible locked room murder?

Who should you suspect, and who can you possibly trust? Your decisions may win you allies, friends, love...or perhaps a knife in the back.


Blurb "Investigate mysteries and get confessions (both of love and of crimes)!"
Genre detective mystery + otome game unholy union
Gameplay visual novel with interactive investigation and deduction sections (think Phoenix Wright)
Length 3 arcs, each with a different case to solve
Endings 3.5 paths x 2-3 endings each, plus various others (secret "perfect" ending included)
Free?Yep, the game will be free. All we ask for is your feedback.

We also have a WIP thread at Lemmasoft now! Check it out for additional info and lots more screenshots!

All game preview videos can also be found on the Variable X YouTube Channel.


More character info and art can be found in the cast intro post.

AXIOM.01 game characters

Main Character/MC (default name Christie) – "Those are your stories, but this is my truth!"
You play a smart, analytically-minded girl who’s more interested in finishing her books than finding a date for prom. Though she believes all supernatural things can be explained with logic, and that the truth must be found at any cost, her convictions may be challenged by the events to come.

Sylvia Hayes"As your best friend, I can’t let you stray down that path!"
Your strong-willed, competitive best friend. She likes to drags you along with her crazy schemes and set you up with guys, much to your annoyance. Despite being the most courageous person you know, she has a secret fear of ghosts and is very superstitious.

Cody Armstrong"I’m only as serious as you want me to be~."
The friendly Student Council President whose playful attitude belies his leadership skills. He’s also your old childhood friend, though "something" in the past caused you two to drift apart. While Cody acts lighthearted about most things, you sometimes get the feeling he knows more than he lets on.

Remy Tran"That's a sensible theory. Or is it?"
An odd boy who transferred to your school for unknown reasons. Though he’s brilliant at his studies, he’s surrounded by creepy rumors and doesn’t trust anyone. He spends his time reading alone and is prickly towards others. Why is he so determined to isolate himself? Perhaps he's hiding something...

Viktor Sagan"...Forget it."
An aloof, mysterious guy with a cool reputation. Although he's now somewhat of a school idol, you suspect he may be a former delinquent. Sagan rarely talks and prefers to spend his time with animals rather than people. Though Sylvia has a huge crush on him, you’re not so sure he can be trusted.


There are three mysteries to solve over the course of the game. The first part of each mystery is the "Investigation Phase" where you travel to different locations, interview suspects, and search for clues via hidden object games. In the subsequent "Deduction Phase," you must answer questions and present the appropriate clues to solve the mystery.

Interview suspects.

Collect clues for your deduction.
Although this is an otome game, you can solve the main mysteries without getting close to any of the guys (that’s the default path, in fact) or just staying friends. Different paths will give different scenes and info on character backgrounds, motivations, and certain events, so there is replay value even after you solve the mysteries the first time.

More detailed gameplay info and additional screenshots can be found in the gameplay intro post. Or you can check out the new videos linked below!



Story Outlines for all scenes/cases complete!
Script Finished with Arc 1 (~50,000 words), starting Arc 2.
Art Need 2 CG backgrounds + 6 clue images to finish the first case.
GUI Finally done! (throws confetti)
Music Have placeholders for now, but may do original songs.

Overall, we are hoping to release a demo up to the end of the first case soon!

Leave feedback or check out the latest updates at our Lemmasoft thread.

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  1. hidden Object game + Otome = You just fullfilled all my wishes!
    I love both <3
    I keep an eye on this!
    Hope you have / make an lemmasoft post as well, its easier to keep track on this project xD

    1. Awesome! I'm going to try and put together a Lemmasoft WIP thread soon, and I'll update this page with the link once I do. :)

  2. Good, very good.
    I hope Ill be the first to comment on that then :P

  3. This needs to be commercial for the quality of art, and work you're putting into it.

  4. I just love this game so much! Everything is so gorgeous! I can't wait for it's full release! :D

    Good Luck! :)

  5. This game looks great. I can't wait for it's full release. Good luck with it!

  6. I really hope this comes soon! I like Visual Novels/Otome Games very much but only a few are free [sigh] I guess that's how life works......Anyways! Keep Up The Good Work And Good Luck On The Full Release!

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  8. Can't wait to play your new game ! I really loved "a2" !

  9. This is really fantastic! I absolutely love the badass main character with the FYI pose! Like a goddamn BAMF! And her character design is brilliant. I really really really love her coloring, hair style and weirdly adorkable clothes.

    Have you finished the game? i really look forward to playing it so please don't give up on it :D

    Thumbs up~

  10. My birthday's in a few days ;))

    Yeah, ahem, so, mind telling us about the progress and giving us the demo?

  11. Uhm where is the demo?