The Pirate Mermaid

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The classic fairytale with a gender-flip twist! And pirates.


Ever since your father died searching for the mermaids' treasure, you've sworn to fulfill his dream yourself. Becoming a pirate was the best way of accomplishing that goal...until your mutinous crew dumped you overboard during the biggest storm of the century.

Miraculously, you are saved and find a sorcerer who will make you a magical contract - with a catch. He'll transform you into a mermaid to grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaid treasury. If you fail, you'll be turned into a lobster for his dinner.

Now, you have six days before the spell ends. Will you become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Fail the contract and become lobster bisque? Perhaps you'll fall in love with the mermaid prince or sorcerer...

Or corrupt them into joining your evil pirate ways.

 The Pirate Mermaid is an upcoming fantasy otome game that features:
  • 3 love interests (and 1 secret character)
  • a karma meter based on your decisions
  • ~16 endings depending on love interest and moral alignment
  • lots of sprite, background, and chibi animations
  • an original theme song composed by Trial & Error (vocals by Nani, lyrics by Arowana)
     (Older art will be replaced)

The Protagonist (nameable). A stubborn, self-centered girl who became a pirate to find the treasure from her father's stories. She's always raring for a fight and has kleptomaniacal tendencies. Your decisions will determine whether she matures into a better person or turns truly evil.


Prince Mikali. A kindhearted merman who saves the protagonist from a storm. Though most mermaids despise humans, Mikali is fascinated by them. While he seems shy and gentle, the sorcerer warns you to stay away from him.

The Sorcerer. A nameless magician who lives alone on an island of golden sand. He transforms the protagonist into a mermaid in exchange for a mysterious red vial. Though aloof and snarky at first, he may warm up over time.

Malik. A young merman connected to the royals. Not exactly Prince Charming.

Jack. Your greedy (but beloved?) parrot who always gets you into trouble. He turns into a "merbird" after a magical mishap involving his shiny object obsession.

Mimi. A young mer-maid who works at the palace and may befriend you.




Tumblr: Here (updates most frequently)
Lemmasoft Thread: Here
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  1. hmmm nice merman but he has really girly hair and looks very girly.

  2. why do boys in dating stimulations have loooong hair>:O i hate sissy looking boys lol

    1. You must think that all men have short hair, then.

      That's a weird way to think. You should stop that.

    2. You think pirates and mermaids worried about cutting their hair to make you happy? I think not. Lol.

  3. Oh my god... THAT "mysterious troublemaker" ♥♥♥
    The prince character was soo cute x3
    Good luck with the game ~ ♥

  4. I cant wait for the whole game to play! Loved the Demo, please finish it soon :3 <3

  5. i can not wait! i played the demo and loved it!

  6. i can not wait! i played the demo and loved it!

  7. Is there a release date for the game? Or an estimate of when it will be done?