About Us

What is Variable X?

 We are two girls who make games for fun!

TL;DR version: Our names are Arowana and Kago, and we are friends who studied math/science things in college (hence our nerdy group title). We also both love playing video games. About a year ago, we decided to collaborate on making a short game. Turns out it was not so short...

This became our current detective mystery/otome game called AXIOM.01. It's a half visual novel, half detective game hybrid, kind of like Phoenix Wright.

What is Navigame?

Navigame is a collaborative group made up of Nellie from NSEY Studio and Arowana from Variable X. Our games include:
  • The Pirate Mermaid, a fairytale otome game with a gender-bending twist
  • a2 ~a due~, a short and sweet visual novel about music and language barriers
    (PC/Mac/Linux, Android)
Our website (in progress) can be found here.

Contact info?

You can send your questions, comments, etc. to Arowana.

Email: arowana.vx@gmail.com
Twitter: arowana_vx
Other: Lemmasoft account

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