Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Pirate Mermaid" Demo ready for beta!

(EDIT: We're currently looking for someone with Linux to beta-test the demo. Let us know if you're interested!)

As in, I literally finished building the demo distributions an hour ago! After coding like crazy and abusing my computer with tons of Photoshop tabs for the last few days, I feel like crying tears of joy right now. *_* I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that the beta testers don't run into any major issues.

Here are some more screenshots in the meantime (I still can't get over how lovely Nellie's backgrounds are!):

Pirate Mermaid - ship bg
Pirate Mermaid - ship bg
Pirate Mermaid - sorcerer sprite
Pirate Mermaid - Prince Mikali CG

Now to go collapse in my bed for the next few days (haha, oh how I wish...ugh, I've still got to finish compiling all the credits...dangit...).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pirate Mermaid Pre-Demo Update

Hey all! So Nellie and I were originally hoping to release the demo for our otome/fantasy collab game "The Pirate Mermaid" at the end of October. Obviously that didn't happen, but we're getting pretty close! Writing, coding, and sound are all largely done, so we just have to finish up the GUI and a couple art assets before we're good to go. So hopefully we'll be ready in another week or two. (crosses fingers)

The demo will be slightly over 10K words and includes the intro and first scenes for each of the two main guys (a sorcerer and a mermaid prince). Hopefully that will be enough to give everyone a feeling for the full game and generate some good feedback! This will actually be my first ever game release, so I'm quite excited (and nervous)!

Some preview screenshots (because I, for one, cannot read a page of text with no pictures):

Pirate Mermaid - transformation CG

Making a magical contract with the sorcerer.
Pirate Mermaid - ship bg

Pirate girl protagonist rocking out on her ship.
Pirate Mermaid - sorcerer sprite

Fail the contract, and the sorcerer will turn you into a lobster.
Pirate Mermaid - Prince Mikali CG

Who could this "mysterious" merman possibly be?
As you'll see in the game, many of the scenes/backgrounds also feature some small animations (seeing as Nellie draws beautiful, beautiful frames and I have an unhealthy obsession with ATL).

Well, if anything, I've picked up a lot of cool new graphics and coding things from this project, so even if everyone hates the animations, at least they generated some fun learning experiences! :D  I'd like to do a post on my Renpy escapades at some point in the future (hopefully it can benefit other game makers as well? ;p)