Saturday, May 11, 2013

Introducing Navigame

Any Android users out there? a2 is now on Google Play, so please check it out and give it a try! :D

Nellie and I had a lot of fun (i.e. pain) trying to optimize everything for the Android app, and it took more planning than we'd initially anticipated. Repositioning things after changing the resolution, then redesigning the GUI to be more "small screen/fat fingers friendly," were the main issues. Then getting the game below 50 MB was a bit challenging because of all the music files, but everything worked out in the end. It was a good learning experience, and I think the game looks really cute on my phone now. <3

Speaking of me and Nellie, we've finally decided on an "official" name for our collab group thing! We were bouncing back and forth between Team N/A and Variable X + NSEY for a while, which got pretty confusing. But we've decided to call ourselves Navigame from now on.

Why Navigame? Well, it turns out our initials spell out the four cardinal points on a compass (NSEW). And going with the compass theme, "Navigate" is one letter away from "Navigame," and we make games, so here we are. We'll be using this name for full Pirate Mermaid game, the a2 remake, and some secret upcoming projects that we're very excited about, so please look forward to it! :)