Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LSF, polls, and main menus

Finally put together a WIP thread for AXIOM.01 on Lemmasoft! Check it out and leave us a comment if you like! :)

Also, there's now a character popularity poll on the right side of the blog. The winning character gets...extra scenes? Extra endings? Bragging rights? Haha, I don't know. We'll see if there are any votes first.

In other news, I kinda sorta messed up the game's default menu screens while testing some new code. Note to self: try weird stuff out on a test game next time. ^^; On the bright side, destroying the screens finally motivated me to start working seriously on the GUI.

So far, I've been doing some mockups in Photoshop. Below is the main menu screen. My plan is to allow people to click on the character bars to switch the image to different "wallpapers." The further you progress in each character's route, the more of their "wallpapers" you unlock.

The default main menu.

Main menu with a Cody wallpaper.
Not a huge fan of the "bars" in the default main menu, though. Anyone have ideas for better alternatives?

Edit: Got some coding done, so I'm adding a video to show what main menu animations and wallpaper switching might look like, if I do decide to use the bars.


(Hope I don't overdo it on the animations...I think I have an ATL compulsion... ;_;)


  1. You could have a group picture of them all standing together, and imagemap/imagebutton (latter I have not learned, so good luck >_>) the characters so you can click to go to their respective wall papers. IDK, something like that?

    Also, I'm surprised by the polls! Christie has more votes than Cody and Sagan combined, and considering this is an otome game you'd expect people to vote for the boys first. Well, everyone's voting wrong anyway; you need to vote for Cody :V

    1. Hmm yeah, a group pic might be a good idea. Maybe I could draw everyone looking suspicious/evil, or they turn evil on hover.

      Haha, I kind of figured Remy would be most popular, but Christie being in second place? Didn’t see that coming. xD And poor Sagan doesn’t even have a vote yet, aww...

  2. Could you make a tutorial on making those main screen menus? They look beyond awesome!!

    1. Sure, I'd be happy to do a future post on it! :) Would you be interested in a tutorial on the animations, the main menu switching, or something else in particular?

    2. Woah awesome! That's really kind of you! Hmm well would it be too much trouble to ask to make one about the whole menu from scratch? Or if it's too much to explain, then yeah I'd like to now about the animations+menu switch :D

    3. I can try! :D What's your current level of experience in Ren'py?

      It might take me a while to do a good writeup, but for now, maybe these links would be helpful?

      Ren'py screen language (this is what I use to make menus):

      Example of a GUI in Ren'py screen language (focuses on imagemaps):

      Ren'py animation (ATL) examples:

    4. I didn't know ATL could be used on GUI! Is that an imagemap GUI? How do you implement those animations on the GUI?

    5. Yes, ATL can be used on Renpy screens to make animated GUIs. :D The GUI in this example is actually made up of imagebuttons, not an imagemap, which allows different parts to move independently.

      If it helps, I talked a bit about using ATL to make an animated main menu here:

      Feel free to email or PM me on Lemmasoft if you have any questions!