Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grand GUI Finale

In a previous post, I showed some screenshots/mockups for the AXIOM.01 GUI. I am happy to say that I finally finished coding all the GUI screens! Each screen has some small animations, similar to the animated main menu I showed before.

You can check out a quick demonstration of the AXIOM.01 GUI in this video.

Around 1:40, you can see my new setup for interrogation questions. Now, you can either view questions by scrolling down a textbox-sized menu, or expand the menu to display all the questions at once.

Before implementing this "expanding menu" thing, I had sprites sliding back and forth to avoid being blocked by the questions, which looked really odd. I definitely prefer this new system. :)

By the way, someone asked a couple posts back if I could do a tutorial on main menus. Would anybody else be interested in GUI programming or general Ren'Py tutorials? If so, what specific topics would you like to have covered?


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    1. I'd love GUI creation specific ones myself, but both would work c
      wonderfully. (stupid typo)

      This looks great, good work!

    2. Ooh, good idea! I don't have any actual experience in graphic design, but I think I could do a "things I've learned so far about GUI design" post similar to my CGing one. Thanks for the suggestion! :)