Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pretty Pictures

Yay for art updates! I'm especially excited to show pieces from such talented artists - seeing their work really makes me want to practice hard and improve my own abilities! :)

First, I have some new main menu wallpapers by the beauteous bunbun. bunbun was kind enough to do wallpaper art for all of the AXIOM.01 guys, but I'll just show Sagan's for now, because it's my favorite (and because, according to my tags, I haven't posted as many pictures of Sagan as everyone else).

AXIOM.01 - Sagan Wallpaper by bunbun

You can unlock each guy's special "bunbun-style" wallpaper by completing their demo scenes. Eventually, I'm hoping to have a variety of wallpapers with different unlock conditions throughout the game. (hunts for more awesome guest artists)

Next, here's a CG preview by Nellie from the "The Pirate Mermaid." This is Mikali, the kindhearted mermaid prince. He's a sweet, idealistic guy who wants to learn more about humans, even though most mermaids avoid them at all costs. I'm especially fond of his long golden hair. :3

The Pirate Mermaid - Prince Mikali CG

In other news, I'm hoping to revamp the hidden object screens for AXIOM.01 this week (tip for anyone doing imagemaps in Renpy: do not put in any objects with overlapping bounding areas, else you will probably regret it!). Removing overlap will allow me to fade out objects once they are found, as well as to add a hint system. While it's going to be a pain to redo the images, I think these new functions should be worth it.

Then I need to sit down and finish those last few clue images! I keep on wanting to take a break to improve my art, but I should at least get the demo out the door first. ^^ Here's hoping for a release sometime next month!

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  1. :3 hiiiii is prince Mikali a work of yours??? I'm writing a book where there's a mermaid prince *.* and he just fits the description (Only that the prince from my book has red hair and blue eyes) can I use it :D with the obvious credits.

    Email me please ^^ I would like to know your answer